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Multifactor Authentication

...state of the art security protection

At First National Bank and Colorado First National Bank, we take the safety and security of your personal information very seriously. As part of our ongoing efforts to employ the latest online banking security technology, we have recently added Multifactor Authentication to the Horizon Online Banking system. 

What is Multifactor Authentication? 

In addition to your Horizon Online Home Banking password security, First National Bank and Colorado First National Bank provides additional security measures with Multifactor Authentication, or MFA. MFA strengthens the safeguards in place at log in by adding additional steps to verify your identity. Although these security enhancements are benefiting you and your security, your day to day experience will change very little, if at all. Once your authentication steps are in place ,you can continue to manage your finances online as you always have. 

When prompted to activate MFA security:

Select a personal image.  Establish three secret questions.  Provide the answers to those questions. 

Logging In 

When you log in, enter your Home Banking User Name. On the next screen you will see the image you have selected. If the image appearing is indeed the one you selected, then enter your Horizon Online Home Banking password. If it is not, go no further and contact us immediately. You may be prompted to answer your security questions as well, which is likely if you are logging in on a computer you don’t normally use. Simply answer the question(s) and continue to access your accounts. Multifactor Authentication is state-of-the-art internet security at it’s best.  You can rest easy knowing it is working hard to further protect your and your finances. If you are logging in from a computer we do not recognize, you will be presented with one or more challenge questions. Enter the answer to the question(s) in the field(s) provided exactly as you answered when setting up the challenge questions, then click Next to access your accounts.  

Horizon Online Home Banking Security Tips:

  • Keep your Horizon Online Home Banking username and password secure.  Do not share this information with anyone.
  • The best passwords are those that combine both letters and numbers.
  • Change your password on a regular basis; every 60-90 days is recommended.
  • Remember to always Log On at the end of your Horizon Online Banking Session
  • Always use a safe and secure computer where no one else may access it without your permission.

Learn more about how to protect your accounts. Home

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