Disputing Your Credit Bureau Information

Where can I find information on disputing or correcting information in my credit file?

Monitoring your credit report is a critical part of your financial health. Inaccurate information can lower your credit score or indicate possible fraudulent activity. If information on your report looks unfamiliar, pay close attention.

It's essential to take steps to resolve any potential inaccuracies through a process known as disputing. A dispute can be filed by contacting the nationwide consumer credit reporting company that provided the credit report. Their toll-free phone number is listed on your credit report, or you can contact them at the web-site listed below:

Responding to Direct Disputes from Consumers

FNB Bank will respond to consumers who submit a direct dispute about information we have reported to a consumer reporting agency if the direct dispute relates to:

  • The consumer's liability for a credit account or other debt with our bank, such as direct disputes relating to whether there is or has been identity theft or fraud against the consumer, whether there is individual or joint liability on an account, or whether the consumer is an authorized user of a credit account;
  • The terms of a credit account or other debt with our bank, such as direct disputes relating to the type of account, principal balance, scheduled payment amount on an account, or the amount of the credit limit on an open-end account;
  • The consumer's performance or other conduct concerning an account or other relationship with our bank, such as direct disputes relating to the current payment status, high balance, date a payment was made, the amount of a payment made, or the date an account was opened or closed; or
  • Any other information contained in a consumer report regarding an account or other relationship with our bank that bears on the or mode of living.

FNB Bank need not respond when the dispute relates to:

  • The consumer's identifying information, such as date of birth, Social Security Number, telephone number, or address;
  • The identity of past or present employers;
  • Inquiries or requests for a consumer report;
  • Information derived from public records, such as judgments, bankruptcies, liens, and other legal matters (unless provided by a furnisher with an account or other relationship with the consumer);
  • Information related to fraud alerts or active duty alerts;
  • Information provided to a consumer reporting agency by another furnisher; or
  • The furnisher has a reasonable belief that the direct dispute is submitted, is prepared on behalf of the consumer, or is submitted on a form supplied to the consumer by a credit repair organization.

FNB Bank is only required to investigate a direct dispute if a consumer submits a dispute notice to us at our address on the consumer report.

A dispute notice must include:

  • Sufficient information to identify the account or other relationship that is in dispute, such as an account number and the name, address, and telephone number of the consumer, if applicable;
  • The specific information that the consumer is disputing and an explanation of the basis for the dispute; and
  • All supporting documentation or other information reasonably required by the furnisher to substantiate the basis of the dispute. This documentation may include, for example, a copy of the relevant portion of the consumer report that contains the allegedly inaccurate information, a police report, a fraud or identity theft affidavit, a court order, or account statements.

After receiving an appropriate dispute notice, FNB Bank will:

  • Conduct a reasonable investigation with respect to the disputed information;
  • Review all relevant information provided by the consumer with the dispute notice;
  • Complete our investigation of the dispute and report the results of the investigation to the consumer within 30 days from the date on which we received the notice of the dispute from the consumer;
  • If the investigation finds that the information reported was inaccurate, promptly notify each consumer reporting agency to which we provided inaccurate information of that determination and provide to the consumer reporting agency any correction to that information that is necessary to make the information accurate.

Frivolous or Irrelevant Disputes

FNB Bank is not required to investigate direct disputes if we have determined that the dispute is frivolous or irrelevant. A dispute qualifies as frivolous or irrelevant if:

  • The consumer did not provide sufficient information to investigate the disputed information;
  • The direct dispute is substantially the same as a dispute previously submitted by or on behalf of the consumer, either directly to us or through a consumer reporting agency, and we have already satisfied the applicable requirements of the law; or
  • We are not required to investigate the direct dispute for one of the reasons noted earlier in this policy.

If FNB Bank determines that the dispute is frivolous or irrelevant, as defined by the regulation, we will notify the consumer not later than five business days after the determination that we will not be investigating the dispute. This notice will include the reasons for such determination and identify any information required to investigate the disputed information.