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Take control of your banking

Turn your card on and off at your convenience in our updated mobile app.

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Because you're always on the go

Receive customized transaction and balance alerts via text message. 

How money smart are you?

Learn the basics of purchasing a home

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Account Access anytime, anywhere.

FNB Bank's Online Banking is your 24-hour personal link to your accounts.

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Your business, as unique as you are

Banking power without a lot of cost.

That's why we take the time to truly understand every aspect of your business - including the dreams and aspirations that drive it. 

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keep more of your money

Checking accounts that gives you more. 

Even though people rarely write checks anymore, you still need a personal checking account. You just need one that fits your lifestyle today! 

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A safer, faster way to pay

Access to your accounts anytime, 24/7.

You can forget the hassles of writing checks, searching for ID and waiting for approval. Just insert your FNB Bank Debit card, pay, and go! 

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Mobile Alerts

Receive customized balance and transaction alerts via text message!

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Club Account

Saving for a special project or everyday expenses. Start saving today with our Club Account. 

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Save a trip to the mailbox by having your statement securely and conveniently delivered.